About Us

With love for the sport of Surf Inn

Everybody loves the beach vibes. Then why you are waiting? Just do Surfing. Enjoy the surfing with Aazhimala, which offers the best surfing experience and the good coastal sides.

Towards wind and waves

If our morning rises with the beach tides and winds, then the entire day will be more productive. Experience this kind of positive vibes with our team. Do Surfing.

Enjoy Surf and Beach

Let's go for a wave? Add the best moments in your life with us by grabbing this opportunity. Enjoy surfing with our team. Experience the next level of leisure.

What we Provide

Stand Up Paddle

The team provide you the best and quality Stand up paddles for surfing.

Day Tours

We serve you the best travel, day tour and leisure packages for you. Enjoy the beach side.

After Schools

Enjoy this holiday with us and celeberate the vibes along the coastal packages

Gift Vouchers

Grab your gift vouchers from Aazhimala by purchasing our surfing packages


Pricing Table



Colorful and Fun

Rarely Lets You Down

Environmentally Friendly

Sometimes Disappears



Feels Great

Mildly Confusing

Mildly Confusing

Colorless on Wednesday



Really the Best

Sometimes the Best

Not Quite the Best

Truly a must have

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